Community makes a real difference to Australian communities.

Benefits to the Community

Regenerative tourism is about community building. Our aim is to help communities to realise the value of their assets, by returning capital earned from those assets back to the community. This is done through a staged approach with a focus on guest, host and community participation.

Step #1

Communities prioritise relevant projects for approval and selection based on measurable criteria aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Step #2

Hosts place their properties at the service of the community enabling 50% of guest booking fees to be donated to approved community projects.

Step #3

Guests nominate projects to which their donation is directed based on their connection to community and their experience.

Step #4 manages the funding to ensure effective distribution, project success is measured and outcomes reported to all stakeholders

Creating community value

Projects that receive funding are prioritised by the community and meet the following criteria

SDG aligned​

SDG aligned

All projects are aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals



Projects have measurable outcomes and can be delivered in a defined timeframe

Socially oriented​

Socially oriented

Project funding flows to not for profits or profit for purpose partners

money growth

Attract co-funding for projects

Community projects that receive funding are in a great position to attract additional funding from other sources. The team will help catalyse funding to ensure the activities deliver their expected outcomes.