Our members support destinations through travel, empowering the communities that live there to thrive

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Community member

$25 (one-off) for individual membership.

You are keen to see Wayfairer change travel in Australia. You will join the Wayfairer cooperative community.


Super Supporter

$100 (one-off) for individual membership.

You can afford to contribute a little more to the Wayfairer start-up costs. You will get put in the start-up prize draw.


Business member

$300 p.a. for a business membership.

You join Wayfairer in your region and can participate in building the regenerative tourism offer.

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Your travel can make a difference

Anyone can become a member, whether you’re an individual or business. 

If you are an individual, there is a one-time joining fee that goes towards the costs of establishing Wayfairer in the region that you choose to support. Then when you travel, 100% of all platform booking fees go back into the community you visit

If you are a business, there is an annual fee that contributes to the running costs of the Wayfairer platform. You can then participate in the development of the platform in your region.

By joining Wayfairer, you will help us build a fairer way to travel.

Member Benefits

When you become a member, you choose the destination that you want to support.
And your subscription goes towards supporting Wayfairer in that region.

Curated travel experiences

Support the local region in employing someone to curate regenerative travel experiences and accommodation.

Invest in the local community

100% of the booking fees from your
travel are invested back into local community that you stay in.

Build Wayfairer platform

Your membership fees are invested in building the online marketplace to make it easy to find and manage your travel.

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What happens next?

Wayfairer is building the community and infrastructure to support its model. Once we have 1000 members in a destination, the community in that region can begin to craft its regenerative travel offer.

We expect the platform to go live with our first destinations in 2024. But we'll keep you updated in the meantime as momentum builds. The first step is to join us on the journey by becoming a member.